Welcome Soviet’s Denim this October

Since its inception in 1987, Soviet has built up an internationally recognized pedigree as a jeans wear lifestyle brand.

Bespeaking an attitude demanding quality of style and freedom of individual expression. Soviet personifies a newfangled image, expressed by everyday people, in everyday ways. Focusing on comfort and an elegant yet en-vogue approach to fashion. Patrons of the brand proclaim that there is simply no better fit.

Set out with a high energy and contemporary feel, Soviet stores enhance consumer convenience with freestanding stores and in-store shops in over 18 locations across Southern Africa.

The brand has an international footprint which offers each individual a unique experience of:

  • Personal attention from knowledgeable staff that brings the brand to you, not just the product;
  • An electric and accepting ambiance;
  • An en-vogue wardrobe selection for each individual to interpret as their own.

We invite you to walk into the world of SOVIET and live our heritage: An authentic, fashion-oriented jeans-wear brand for people who want to be free and genuine.